Upgrade Your Pool’s Aesthetics: Unveiling Modern Pool Deck Coating

Upgrade Your Pool's Aesthetics: Unveiling Modern Deck Coating

Upgrading the pool deck with a concrete coating is becoming one of the homeowner’s top choices in transforming both their pool area and their property entirely. As pool deck coatings are ramping up in 2023, especially with summer well underway, there are several trends that property owners and coating contractors should be aware of.

What’s a Pool Deck Coating & How Does It Work?

A pool deck coating involves applying a polyaspartic solution to your pool deck’s surface. As a result, this polyurea coating makes for a durable surface that protects your concrete surface against cracks, stains, scuffs, and fading from harmful UV rays.


With a professional service like Cardinal Concrete Coatings, the process consists of certified experts first grinding down your existing concrete and preparing it for the best adhesion possible, as well as patching up any existing cracks, then applying an industry-grade self-priming pure polyurea base coat. Next, we hand-flake and scrape the surface to ensure an even texture and proper level. Finally, we apply the polyaspartic top coat. And all of this is completed in just one day.

What to Know About Pool Deck Coating Trends

As pool deck coatings become more popular, certain changes and trends take effect. Here are a few of the most prominent pool deck coating trends in 2023.

Aesthetic Enhancements

There are several ways in which a polyurea coating can create the look you want for your pool deck, utilizing a wide array of design and texture options for you to choose from and create the exact aesthetic you’re looking for.


As a result, more property owners are enjoying the freedom to play with their options and create the beautiful spaces they want and which are unique to them and their property. From enjoying the look of classic concrete to the visual appeal of a beautiful, stamped concrete method which is used to create the look of stone, brick, wood, and more, you can take advantage of the various design choices to create the look you want and transform your pool deck entirely.


Pairing Your Coating with Existing Designs

A major factor that comes into play for property owners when choosing the right pool deck is the look of their current landscape. In considering your various options, it is also important to consider the existing layout of your pool and how your new deck coating will match it to create a stunning new finish that’s right for you and your property.

Smooth Segues

When considering the design of their new pool deck coating and layout overall, property owners are staying one step ahead by also taking into account how their potential new aesthetic will match the other existing rooms and locations of their property. In doing so with your new concrete coating, you can create a seamless transition from one room to the next and generate an astonishing segue for guests and visitors.

Should You Upgrade Your Pool Deck?

If you’re looking to upgrade your pool deck to a durable, beautiful surface that protects and amazes your guests and visitors while also increasing the value of your property, then upgrading your pool deck with a polyurea coating is the right move for you. What’s more, a polyurea coating is slip-resistant and therefore protects against the abundance of foot traffic your beautiful new layer is sure to bring in, so you can enjoy those lovely summer days with peace of mind.

Additional Concrete Coating Trends to Consider

In addition to the pool deck coating trends outlined above, there are a handful of other popular coating trends that can be beneficial for property owners to know:

  • More Sustainable Solutions
  • More Decoration
  • More People Trying DIY Coatings
  • Demand for Better Products (and Finishes)
  • More Frequent Service

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