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Cardinal Concrete Coatings: Celebrating Hard Work and Family

Since 2020, our team of dedicated concrete coating experts has delivered the best quality service to hundreds of homeowners and customers like you. Ryan Davis and his family moved to Phoenix, Arizona, with the dream of starting a company with the same values of hard work and family that helped him become the business owner he is today.

Through his and his family’s years of unmatched dedication to their craft, that dream has become a reality with Cardinal Concrete Coatings.

Veteran Concrete Technicians

Our company has worked closely with reputable distributors and customers from Arizona and the surrounding region for the past two years to complete every coating project with diligence and excellence.

Our crew has perfected surface coating methods through rigorous training and support provided by our leadership. The result? You can be confident that your patio, pools, garage floors, and other concrete surfaces look great and stand the test of time.

We pride ourselves on the clear communication Cardinal Concrete Coatings has delivered to our customers and staff that promotes a professional work environment. Since the founding of our company, we have been actively recruiting the most competent technicians and office staff Arizona has to offer.

Other companies may utilize cookie-cutter planning and solutions, but our team has proven their ability to take the time to understand your individual needs and create an approach best suited for you.

Beautiful concrete coatings can be difficult to achieve and require a degree of patience and precision. That is why we have hand-picked the most experienced crew of veteran concrete technicians to complete each job to your satisfaction and leave concrete surfaces pristine, no matter the size or challenge.

We exemplify a special tradition of respect in our company by offering a 50-year written warranty to protect you and your property.

A Family You Can Trust

Cardinal Concrete Coatings is just one way the Davis family serves their community. Our founder, Ryan Davis, learned early in life the importance of honesty, integrity, and hard work in everything he achieves. He and the Cardinal Concrete family observe that sentiment through the company business, charity work, and faith.

Our company’s identity depends on our ability to support the community with the highest standard of communication and respect.

We believe in using the gifts that God has given us to create a wholesome business-to-customer relationship that will continue to improve our mission of becoming the most trustworthy and professional surface coating company in Arizona. Our company has received numerous five-star reviews in just the past two years alone. Ryan and his family continue promoting good work and clarity to current and potential clients. 

Our company regularly makes charitable donations to organizations that provide care to veterans and their families around the country. 

Cardinal Concrete Coatings is a business that commits to these values now and in the future, so you have the confidence to be sure that your partnership with us will be fruitful. Let our online reviews and company history speak for the current and past homeowners who accepted our help in transforming their property for the better.

For more information about Cardinal Concrete Coatings and our history in Phoenix, Arizona, and the surrounding area, contact us online or call 480-725-5885!

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