Turn Your Floors into a Work of Art with Concrete Coatings Options

Turn Your Floors into a Work of Art with Concrete Coating Options

Concrete doesn’t have to be a bland, boring slab of concrete that most people envision. In fact, it’s better to upgrade your concrete slab with either a coating or polishing to strengthen the surface and enhance its look. But did you know that you can take your surface’s appearance to the next level with concrete coatings?


Concrete coatings offer the exact same benefits as a traditional concrete coating (such as epoxy or a polyurea/polyaspartic system) but offer a better look and more personal touch. More often than not, installing a concrete coating also comes at virtually the same cost as a traditional coating. It’s no surprise that coatings are among the top 5 coating trends.

How Do Concrete Coatings Work?

Adding decoration to your coating is a lot more simple than you think. Most decorative solutions are flakes that are thrown onto the surface after the base coat is installed. While these flakes are typically vinyl paint aggregates, they can also be recycled materials like crushed glass or metal shavings. Flakes come in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs so you can get a unique-looking floor.

The Concrete Coating Installation Process

To give you more context into how simple decorating your surface can be, let’s take a look at the Cardinal Concrete Coatings’s 6-step installation process:


  • Grind It. Our first step in transforming your surface is preparing it. This includes grinding down the top concrete layer and thoroughly cleaning it so that a coating will adhere smoothly.
  • Repair It. Before applying a base coat, we patch up any holes or cracks in the floor so it’s level.
  • Coat It. Now we’re ready to apply the polyurea base coat.
  • Flake It. While the coat dries, we decorate the surface with flakes picked out to your liking and preference.
  • Scrape It. If there are any excess flakes, we scrape them from the surface so as to not unlevel the floor.
  • Seal It. Finally, our team adds the polyaspartic top coat that protects the surface and helps it shine.


See how easy it is? We can add one-of-a-kind personalization to your floor in just a matter of minutes. And all of this comes at a minuscule price (to cover the materials we use) and doesn’t negatively impact your surface’s integrity or function whatsoever. Concrete coatings are a no-brainer!

Concrete Coating Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most folks don’t know too much about coatings, and that’s okay. The experts at Cardinal Concrete Coatings are here to help by tackling the most common questions we get from property owners like yourself.

Where Can Concrete Coatings Be Applied?

Because concrete coatings don’t change the concrete coating installation process, they can be applied anywhere where there’s a concrete coating. Whether it’s a coating for your industrial warehouse or backyard pool deck, we can beautify it with our flakes.

Do Concrete Coatings Hold Up Well Outdoors?

Yes! If your concrete coating is properly installed and well-maintained, the fact that it’s outdoors shouldn’t even matter. This is especially true if you enlist Cardinal Concrete Coatings. We use a high-quality polyurea and polyaspartic coating system that’s built to last against all the elements. In fact, we even offer a 50-year written warranty for our services!

What Type of Concrete Coating Is Best?

The best coating you can install for your property is a mix of polyurea and polyaspartic. This coating system dries faster (so you can enjoy it sooner), is resistant to UV rays and water, and has better flexibility that doesn’t let it easily crack. As a result, polyurea/polyaspartic coatings last much longer than traditional epoxy.

Can You Put Concrete Coatings Over Existing?

Yes, you can put a concrete coating over an existing concrete slab. The process is the same as outlined above, where we grind down your concrete so it can adhere well. Then, we apply the base coat and flake it while it dries to make it unique.

Let’s Improve Your Arizona Property with a Concrete Coating

Have more questions you’d like answered? Or are you ready to start your concrete coating project today? Either way, contact Cardinal Concrete Coatings for a free consultation or a free quote!